Peng! With flashlight support

One way to easily find your phone in the dark is to turn on the flashlight, if your device has one. So now Peng let you turn it on and off with a dedicated menu item.
Not all devices has the flashlight and the Pebble watchapp most take account of that. So the relative menu item displays three statuses: turned on, turned off and not available.
When not available, the user can still press SELECT to manually send a check to the phone, in case the flashlight is not detected for some reason.
Peng Flashlight

I have also enabled sections in the MenuLayer, because, as the flashlight can be turned without sending a Peng!, I thought that the relative menu item should be visually separated.

As always you can get the Android app in Google Play and install the watchapp from there.
You can get the watchapp from My Pebble Faces too.
Code in github as usual.