Peng! 0.2 + 0.0.2

First of all: thank you for using my little test watchapp!

As a quick and dirty hack I made in a few hours, I did not expect lots of adoption, but it seems from the Android Developer Console stats that there are few active installations out there!


If you have any feature request or comments, please write them below!

I have just made a quick update, both to the Pebble watchapp and to the Android app.

It is mainly a code cleanup but now the volume level and ringmode of the smartphone are saved in a SharedPreferences so if the Service is terminated by Android, it can still retrieve them at Stop! and restore the old values.

Here is the complete list of improvements:


  • Setted all four AppMessage handlers.
  • It shifts from Peng! to Stop! only at .out_sent handler, to get a more precise state shift.


  • Old values of ringer mode and volume level are saved in a SharedPreferences.
  • WatchApp is directly installable from the Peng app, as it is saved as a raw resource inside the .apk.
  • The Stop button has a custom shape. Nothing fancy, just to avoid the standard button design.
  • The PebbleDataReceiver is now a public class, separated from the PengService.


As always, you can find the source code in github and the app in Google Play.
As said, you can install the watchapp from the app but for this time I still put the pbw in

Again, if you have any requests or comments, I would be happy to read them!