Circuit stamping: a follow up

Alessandro Contini made it!

After Rome Maker Faire, he continued to play with the stamps:

And manage to stamp a circuit and attach the components on it, helped by Evu Nez, in Berlin:

At first it didn’t work:

But on a second try, it worked!

He then proceeded writing a short post on his Facebook about it:

So it can be done!

I am very happy about this outcome: as Alessandro pointed out, its not the results that made all this beautiful but the journey that led to it.

(That is a flexible circuit, by the way…)

It’s cool to see how an idea is transformed, interpreted and executed.

My only regret? Not being physically there with Alessandro when the circuit was turned on for the first time.

Finally, Alessandro told me that had he to change the circuit a bit (leaving out a couple of resistors), because the conductive ink is too resistive, compared to copper. Also, applying the ink to the stamp is not easy and fast.

There are still lots of work to do, on many fronts.