Andersen Festival 2014 – Quick photography report

I have followed a group of illustrators, Uvaspina, for a couple of days, during the workshops they made for the Andersen Festival 2014, shooting some photos:

In case you are wondering: yes, they are the same group of illustrators featured in my offline Muzei extension.

I suggest you to see their works, they are:

Marco Bassi

Daniele Castellano

Francesca Consalvo

Letizia Iannaccone

Giorgia Marras

Matilde Martinelli

Jacopo Oliveri

Luca Tagliafico

Stefano Tirasso

Anais Tonelli

Olga Tranchini

Silvia Venturi

Bruno Zocca

Arianna Zuppello

Silvia Robertelli