We need an “OpenStack for the Internet of Things”

by luong on October 28, 2013

Monday morning thought: we need some sort of OpenStack for the Internet of Things.

While at hardware level we’ve got the Arduino Yun, I think that we have to stay open all the way to the API providers.

I think that Temboo is very powerful and useful but I already have doubts when I have to rely on other APIs for my web projects.

Adding a layer to the APIs, while is technically an advantage, can lead to additional lock-in problems.

MusicInk: I am no longer in the team

by luong on October 22, 2013

Public service announcement.

Starting from today, I am no longer in the team of MusicInk, as I am beginning other projects.

So, please, don’t foward me any questions regarding that project, as I can’t answer anymore.

The site has been updated accordingly (temporarly).

Circuit stamping: a follow up

by luong on October 19, 2013

Alessandro Contini made it!

After Rome Maker Faire, he continued to play with the stamps:

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Making sense

by luong on October 5, 2013

Update: thank you everyone for your comments in the Hack a Day post!

In these days I am in Rome, for the european edition of the Maker Faire, because a project I contributed to (MusicInk), got selected.

Now is the night of the first day of the faire, reserved only to schools, and although I am exhausted, I got a very nice moment at the faire so I am writing this post in an attempt to crystalize it and share it.
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Peng! With flashlight support

by luong on June 24, 2013

One way to easily find your phone in the dark is to turn on the flashlight, if your device has one. So now Peng let you turn it on and off with a dedicated menu item.
Not all devices has the flashlight and the Pebble watchapp most take account of that. So the relative menu item displays three statuses: turned on, turned off and not available.
When not available, the user can still press SELECT to manually send a check to the phone, in case the flashlight is not detected for some reason.
Peng Flashlight
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Peng! 0.2 + 0.0.2

by luong on June 20, 2013

First of all: thank you for using my little test watchapp!

As a quick and dirty hack I made in a few hours, I did not expect lots of adoption, but it seems from the Android Developer Console stats that there are few active installations out there!


If you have any feature request or comments, please write them below!

I have just made a quick update, both to the Pebble watchapp and to the Android app.
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by luong on June 2, 2013

Some times ago, I finally received my black Pebble and I immediately started to install some of the watchapps that existed at the time.


With the release of the new PebbleKit with two-way communication, I decided to give the SDK a try, with a very simple WatchApp.

It is a “find my phone” WatchApp which trigs the Ringtone and the screen.

You know, for times like this:

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