Adding a firebase prompt to oh-my-zsh

Working at Freetrade allows me to have more exposure to Cloud Functions for Firebase and I found out that it would be nice, at least for me, to know before hand which is the active project you would deploy to, before hitting firebase deploy.
While you can use firebase use, it is slow and I wanted something that show the active project constantly without me worried to run any commands.

Think of the git prompt but for the firebase active project.

I use oh-my-zsh and digging around I found out this nice tutorial and the relative github project but I wanted something that works for sub folders of a firebase project too and something that works with the robbyrussell theme (the default oh-my-zsh theme) out of the box.

So I created a plugin for oh-my-zsh, you can find it in my github.

Here is a screenshot of how your prompt should look like in case you are in a firebase project:

In the README you will find how to install and use the plugin.

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