A docker compose to try out Matomo

A while ago I was looking for a free alternative to Google Analytics for a side project of mine.

I tried Countly but it uses MongoDB which I could not make it work easily for an ARM 32bit, to try it with on my Raspberry Pi 3.

So I stumble upon Matomo (ex Piwik).
It uses MySQL which can easily run on the Raspberry.

However I could not find a simple Docker to try it out.

So I wrote a docker compose for Matomo, you can find it on my github: https://github.com/manhluong/matomo_docker

Just clone the repo, then run:

docker-compose -f x86/docker-compose.yml --project-director ./matomo up

And you will see the service coming up.

At that point if you go to http://localhost:8080/ you should see the initial Matomo setup screen:

To try on an arm v7 32 bit architecture (the Raspberry Pi 3), just run the docker-compose contained in the other folder:

docker-compose -f arm32v7/docker-compose.yml --project-director ./matomo up

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