We need an “OpenStack for the Internet of Things”

Monday morning thought: we need some sort of OpenStack for the Internet of Things.

While at hardware level we’ve got the Arduino Yun, I think that we have to stay open all the way to the API providers.

I think that Temboo is very powerful and useful but I already have doubts when I have to rely on other APIs for my web projects.

Adding a layer to the APIs, while is technically an advantage, can lead to additional lock-in problems.

Circuit stamping: a follow up

Alessandro Contini made it!

After Rome Maker Faire, he continued to play with the stamps:

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Making sense

Update: thank you everyone for your comments in the Hack a Day post!

In these days I am in Rome, for the european edition of the Maker Faire, because a project I contributed to (MusicInk), got selected.

Now is the night of the first day of the faire, reserved only to schools, and although I am exhausted, I got a very nice moment at the faire so I am writing this post in an attempt to crystalize it and share it.
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